Hardings Point Campground Summer Activities / 2024

HPC pool open Friday, June 21st

Please note: Some activities may be changed or cancelled.

Children's dance time from 9pm to 10pm.

June 22/Saturday

11:00am...Kids Washer Toss tournament. Register in Lower Cove Washer Toss area. Prizes! Organized by the Mothers of the Park.

June 29/Saturday

5:00pm…Campground Canada Day Cook Out!

Courtyard barbecue with hamburgers, hotdogs, pop etc.

All campers and their visitors welcome. (complimentary)

9.00pm..Canada Day Dance!


July 6/Saturday

1:00pm...Adult Horseshoe Touranament Day!

Prizes for first and second place partner winners.

Register at Lower Cove area on the day of the tournament.

July 7/Sunday

12:00 noon...Hilltop area... Field Day activities,

Prizes! Organized by the Mothers of the Park.


July 13/Saturday

1:00pm…Adult Washer Toss Tournament Day!

Prizes for top four winners.

Register at Lower Cove Washer Toss area.

July 20/Saturday


9:00pm Hat Dance! (mixed music)

Make a special hat and wear it to the dance. Prizes for children and adults. Children's judging at 9.30pm. Adult judging 10.30pm.

July 27/Saturday

12:00 noon...Children's outdoor Bingo! Lots of Fun!

Prizes! HPC courtyard. Organized by the Mothers of the Park.

July 27/Saturday

7:00pm...Adult Bar Bingo...Door Prize!

(12 games & prizes)

Aug 3/Saturday


9:00pm...New Brunswick Day Dance! (mixed music)


Aug 4/Sunday

6.30pm... Children's Happy Halloween!

Children go trick or treating from trailer to trailer in Park.

Then return to Campground courtyard at 7:30pm for

ticket drawing of Prizes! Pop and chip provided for all children.

Aug 10/Saturday

7:00pm…Adult Bar Crib Tournament!

Great Prizes! Prizes for first and second place partners.

Aug 11/Sunday

12:00 noon... Kids Candy Carnival, HPC courtyard.

Games and Prizes! Organzied by Mothers of the Park.

Aug 17/Saturday

9:00pm... Adult Karaoke in the HPC Courtyard.

Aug 18/Sunday

12:00 noon... Kids Scavenger Hunt. Meet at HPC courtyard.

Prize for first and second place winners. Freezes for all the kids participating in scavenger hunt.

Aug 24/Saturday

7:00pm...Kids Magic Show & Smores Beach Party!

Magic show and special balloons made for all children by Zap Magic. Beach bonfire and smores party to follow.

Everything provided except roasting sticks.

Aug 31 /Saturday


5.00pm...Campground Corn Boil...All Welcome!

Fresh corn and refreshments provided.

9.00pm...Harvest Dance!

10:30pm...Presentation of HPC Bull Award!


Sept 2/Monday

12:00 (noon)…Annual Labour Day Store Sale.

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